Funky Blue Fringe Plate
Lately it seems I have been in "blue" mode (not mood, haha) with the creation of several fused glass pieces in the blue family.  I am particularly fond of the "Blue Wave" collection because the glass itself is so stunning.

I just completed a set of four "Blue Wave" 6" sushi plates as a gift for a lucky wedding couple, each with a little different touch (all are 6" sq.).  Make gift giving for special holidays and events easy with hand made art glass. 

Another new piece fresh out of the kiln this week is Blue Fringe.  It is both playful and useful.  This plate started with scrape glass applied to a center of clear glass.


Loving the funky glass fringe border with the flirty unturned edges!  Perfect for cookies or canapés!


Best regards.




September 27, 2016 — Mary Sherwood


Carolyn Meyers

Carolyn Meyers said:

Hello Mary From lake Gaston. I have been interested in your glass works. I have alot of stain glass from days of doing projects with my business. Could you share how the process go’s. Thanks Carolyn Meyers

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