Learning about glass day by day!
In the glass studio some of my projects have had an unexpected outcome but I learn with each little hiccup. When fired, glass can change color, move while being fired and crack when cooling!   Glass when heated in a kiln becomes a molten, fluid product.  Learning how to control for its natural characteristics is all part of the process.  I learn more and more each day.
Last week I learn how to make "lace" glass by carefully applying different glass frit (crumbled glass) textures to the kiln paper.  The process is simple and open ups worlds of possibilities for mixing different colors.  Once the piece is "definition" fired it comes out as a thin sheet of textured glass.  This can be cut into a pattern or broken into pieces for a more abstract look.  Here is my first piece of lace glass just out of the kiln.  It is too thin to be used without being backed by another piece of sheet glass.  Now what will I create with this "lace" glass?
Look forward to a new creation using lace glass!
September 26, 2016 — Mary Sherwood

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